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Dr Benjalug Namfa

Dr. Benjalug Namfa has a Ph.D. in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy from Michigan State University, USA and has held several high positions since 2005 including Director of Bureau of Educational Innovation Development, Office of the Basic Education Commission, Director of Bureau of Academic Affairs and Educational Standards, and Inspector-General of the Office of the Permanent Secretary. She is one of the main change agents contributing to Thai education reform. Dr. Benjalug is also the main driving force in implementing Montessori education in Thailand, applying the King’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy into practice in all Thai schools, realizing a 15-year free education policy. At present, she serves as Deputy Secretary-General of the Basic Education Commission, being responsible for academic affairs and is involved with mobilizing and developing ASEAN curriculum; preparing Thai learners to be good and active citizen of 21st century.

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